Ways to Handle the End of Quarter as Explained by NGP VAN

NGP VAN is a top-notch technology firm that facilitates liberal and democratic organized campaigns in municipalities, non-profits, and political parties. It provides a platform in which organizations can shape social and digital networking products, plan field visits, fund raise, meet all compliance requirements, and organize campaign tours. NGP VAN software is responsible for almost all major independent campaigns in the United States. One significant campaign under NGP VAN belt is the presidential campaign of former President Barrack Obama. It handled all matters involving compliance, voter contact, fundraising, and volunteers in all states in the US.

When the campaign year reaches the final lap, campaign teams go through the most hectic time especially when primary financial objectives have not been met. NGP VAN discusses the most effective ways strategists and campaign managers can handle such a period.

Organize in advance.

Design a separate calendar for the end of quarter. These help in keeping tab of sent and approved emails together with those that need to follow up. It is also of great benefit to strategists and managers dealing with more than one client. Designing a master calendar for the period might only take a few minutes to prepare, but it saves a lot of time when used.

Write and get all emails approved in advance.

Ensure that all emails that will be sent at the end of quarter period are written and approved in the first or second quarter. The process will take up a lot of time, but it will relieve a huge burden off the writer’s shoulder. When the emails are then required, the writer will just retrieve them, add a subject title, send, then report back.

Save some ideas to incorporate while sending emails during the period.

Sending emails on a daily basis can exhaust all unique ideas and thus it is essential to keep some in your back pocket. These ideas should be simple and easy to help in compiling emails. The email can have reasons why others have supported, an email from a donor talking about why they gave, and the number of people who have contributed.

Take some time off to celebrate.

Whenever the team hits a target, take some time off to celebrate the excellent work. Let the group organize a bonding activity to prepare for the end of quarter.


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