Shiraz Boghani- The Man Who Directs Everything

If I would think about a master director, it would be one man, Shiraz Boghani. Boghani, a Kenyan national, arrived in the United Kingdom in 1969. It has been an upward spiral for Boghani, a man that has carved his niche in corporate leadership since his arrival. In a nutshell, Shiraz is a magnificent spectacle in his right.

In truth, Shiraz Boghani would not be the man he is today was it not for his background knowledge in accounts. Boghani began his training as an accountant shortly after his arrival in the UK, something that has spiraled his long career towards greatness.

Unknown to many people is that Boghani is also a master entrepreneur. In 1978, Shiraz set up his first practice, an organization that nurtured his accountancy skills for ten good years. After a decade, Boghani was ripe for the corporate market and that is when he identified several opportunities that would speed up his successes.

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Today, Shiraz Boghani gets celebrated for his innovativeness and forward thinking. Were it not for him, then Sussex Health Care and Splendid Hotel Group would be non-existent. Recall, Boghani is the innovative kind. Therefore, Shiraz has always been instrumental in the successes of both companies from the get-go.

Through his links, Mr. Boghani has gained more than enough funding, resources he has allocated to the expansion of both institutions over the years. Boghani, who is not only the founding partner of sojourn Hotels LLP, Sussex Health Care Limited, and The Splendid Hotels Group also serves in the capacities of chairman and director, respectively.

The vibrant Shiraz recently launched a Hilton London Backside project, an undertaking meant to bring style and glamour to London. Other hotels that Boghani has acquired over the years include The Grand Hotel and Spa, the Holiday Inn, York, the Conrad London St. James, the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel, and the New Elighton. If you were in doubt, then above is the proof that Shiraz Boghani is one awesome man.

Shiraz, thanks to his awesomeness, has been attracting a lot of attention lately. In so doing, Boghani has received quite a selection of awards all in honor of his outstanding performance. Boghani is currently the recipient of the Hotelier of the Year honor from the 2016 Asian Business Awards.

The stinky-rich Shiraz, out of the goodness of his heart, rallies his financial support behind the global network of Aga Khan Development and the Aga Khan Foundation. Therefore, Shiraz Boghani is the man that runs the place.

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