Sheldon Lavin Continues to Lead OSI’s Commitment to Quality Food Production

The OSI Group has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a corner butcher shop to the leading provider of multinational foods. 65 facilities housed in 17 countries gives the company a total of 20,000 employees.

In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky, member of the growing community of German immigrants in Chicago, Illinois, opened a small butcher shop and market for the Oak Park community. The business flourished, and Kolschowsky ended up expanding into wholesale and moving the business to Maywood, a different Chicago suburb, by the end of World War I. The company rebranded itself as Otto & Sons in 1928.

In 1955, when Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois, Kolschowsky’s sons entered into an agreement with Kroc to be the beef provider for the restaurant. That would be what ultimately led to their change from Otto & Sons to OSI Group over the next couple of decades.

Sheldon Lavin was brought on as a partner in 1975 as the sons of Otto & Sons were looking toward retirement. Having previously served as the company’s investment consultant, Sheldon Lavin played a crucial part in the capitalization efforts of Otto & Sons in 1970.

In the early 1980’s, Sheldon Lavin became the company chairman and CEO. His previous investment and banking experience were an asset to the company, allowing him to navigate the company’s growth as it began to branch out, providing goods outside of just McDonald’s. Today, the company continues to grow and flourish. OSI’s mission is to work with the latest food safety and quality technology and working closely with its producers to continuously provide nothing but the best food items to their clients.

The company has committed itself to sustainable food production under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. OSI was recently awarded a number of honors for their environmental efforts. These awards include the California Green Business Award of 2016. The British and Safety Council’s Globe of Honour of 2016 was earned for managing environmental risks in an exemplary manner, and an Environmental Recognition Award for 2018 from the North American Meat Institute.

Adam Milstein Helping Others Get in Touch With Their Culture

Adam Milstein has been in the public eye since becoming the head of Hager Pacific Properties. He is responsible for managing several residential as well as commercial properties. In his Jewish faith there is the Zionist Collection that honors Jewish People that are making a difference. Now Adam Milstein is recognized as a torcher bearer of the Zionism culture.

Adam Milstein was featured in the edition Israeliness is the Answer. In this book Adam Milstein spoke of how American Jews are disconnected with their faith and forget about the basic teachings of their religion. He stated that younger generations have a disconnect with Israel. He also gives his opinion hat many people see Israel as a place of conflict and younger generations do not want to connect with their Jewish heritage. While Milstein did move to the United States from Israel, he did not forget his faith or where he came from.

Milstein is doing his part to help people of Israel as well as the United States. He is a supporter of many programs including Birthright. This program spends young people of Jewish faith that live in the United States to Israel for a 10 day trip. He feels that if these young people learn more about their heritage they will have a sense of connections to the faith and see their culture as a positive thing.

Adam Milstein is also a member of the Israel American Council. He co-founded this organization and serves as Chairman of the Board. This is the largest and faster growing Jewish Organization in the United States and helps people from Israel get in touch with their culture.

While Milstein has enjoyed a successful life in the United States he does not forget his faith or where he came from. Adam Milstein is doing his part to help people get in touch with their heritage and become proud of being of Jewish faith.

The RealReal Deal

From Prada outfits, all the way to the jewelry line from Chanel, RealReal provides a variety of items for sale by its original owner. The RealReal is, in a way, like a thrift shop except the items they sell get sent to the original owner. Some of the items can cost up to one thousand and six hundred and sixty dollars which is quite the amount for a dress.

But the good thing about RealReal is that it provides a price that is affordable to those that are looking. Some items can even cost only three-hundred dollars. They also provide a different range of sizes. The sizes run from extra small to extra extra large. So if you’re plus size looking for some good outfits for a high, yet decent, price the RealReal is a place to look.

The RealReal also provides a beauty category which holds items such as perfumes, nail polishes, and even skin care. The prices might be similar to when you’re shopping at Ulta, Sephora, or even Victoria Secrets. So yup, pretty much affordable.

According to the NYTimes, the RealReal has brought in a whooping amount of one hundred and seventy three million dollars since its founding in 2017. That’s a lot for only being open for a year. And twice as much as owning two uptown restaurants.

In many opinions the store is a place for go-to fashions and to stay up to date with the cutest styles for all genders, ages, and even for jewelry, skincare, and other products. Others might complain about sometimes receiving their payments late but other than that it’s the RealReal deal.

Dr. Mark Mckenna and Why People’s Doubt About Cosmetic Surgery May Diminish Through OVME

The medical community already knows that Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the top-notch, authoritative doctors in the industry that have shown incredible talent in helping people with their various health conditions. However, what not many people know yet is the fact that Dr. Mark McKenna is also one of the most passionate individuals in the industry both in the fields of medicine and real estate. And all of these passions have been tied together in one project that he has, which is called the OVME project, (pronounced “Of me”).

It’s evident in the status of OVME today that Dr. Mark McKenna has really put a lot of his expertise and time to grow the project. OVME is the retail aesthetics company today that attempts to link the opportunities in the healthcare industry with those who can offer and acquire such services. Dr. Mark McKenna does this with the help of technology. And his attempt at linking the healthcare providers today with the consumers in the aesthetics industry has also paid off in ways that not many companies are able to provide. It is also evident in the way that Dr. McKenna runs his project that OVME can be one of the most sustainable, remarkable bold projects in the healthcare sector.

Dr. McKenna has his roots in New Orleans, and it is there that he found his passion, too, in Real Estate, which is translated now to creating the McKenna Venture Investments. His success, however, was beset with a series of challenges when Hurricane Katrina struck. This is one of the reasons that he realized he should go back to his roots in medicine. And this is how he started OVME.

OVME is a project with the orientation and acknowledgment of the fact that people are into cosmetic surgery as time progresses. Many people are now more welcoming of cosmetic medicine as a part of how they can improve their life. However, it’s hard for these people to find the right people to trust with complicated medical procedures. With OVME under Dr. McKenna, all these issues would then find a resolution. The doubt of people about surgeries would now be diminished.

Michael Hagele Is the Best Partner

Michael Hagele is a senior counsel that consults and works for various technology companies locally and all over the world. These companies include those that are in technology research and development that work together with other firms that do technological design. Michael leads his firm in research and development for companies that are in Aerospace, internet and those that are in electronic and biotechnology industry.

Michael’s motto is always put the client first. He believes that putting yourself in the shoes of the client assists in knowing the problem or the issue from the client perspective and knowing what to do next. Michael Hagele is usually with the client from start, walking together through the whole process. The first stage is negotiations and if it all goes well, they close the deal. From this point on, Michael Hagele’s work gets a bit harder. He has licensed the product, make plans for distribution before getting a development agreement. The company that need this kind of services from Michael include companies in the national and international internet, those that are in the telecommunications and those in the software and hardware industry Read more about Michael Hagele at

The job of consulting for this company involves having promotional and marketing skills, something Michael has in plenty. However, the companies also call for him to use his law degree in the issue to do with the international property, mergers and acquisition and corporate financing.

Attitude and hardworking is what has made Michael Hagele reach this height. He works with the motto: Never give up, believing that a solution will come in the long run. According to Michael, riding a bike and getting time off the office is a good way to get a solution to the problem.

His experience as an attorney is astonishing. However, he credits his first job in a Chicago car as the job that motivated him to pursue this path. Michael who went first to the University of Laws to do a B.A in political science has worked in different firms. The positions he has held include; Attorney, Corporate counsel, special counsel and currently he is a corporate counsel at a private research and development company.

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The success of Madison Street Capital is due to integrity

Madison Street Capital is a company that has achieved a reputation in the financial industry because of its status. The organization is outstanding, and it has always been committed to what they do since the company started. It has used its expertise and experience to help customers in the financial sector. It is an international organization with its location in Illinois. The firm prides itself on being the best in the financial world.




Madison Street Capital has always been excelling because of using the best structures to serves its clients. It also has unique strategies and business model because it matches buyers and sellers for a successful deal. The company mainly deals in tax compliance, mergers and acquisition, bankruptcy services and private placement among other services. Apart from being one of the best financial firms in the United States, it has expanded to other countries like India and Ghana. It is run by professionals who have vast knowledge to help the customers. The clients have always been happy with the kind of services they get, and they always know they are in safe hands. It does not matter the type of services they are looking whether it is the management of assets, price allocation, financial reporting and business valuation, they know they are in safe hands of the experts.




The firms recently helped one of the largest companies in software analytics known as DCG Software. It acted as a financial advisor to the great company. There was a merger between DCG and Spitfire, and the two companies were happy to work with the professionals from Madison Street Capital. During the M& A awards the company earned several honors, and this was a big win. The award recognizes excellent achievements in various sectors like restructuring, transactions and corporate financing.




Madison Street Capital




Madison Street capital began in the 2000s as a middle market investment bank. The company is dedicated to helping the owners of middle market businesses so that they are not overwhelmed when searching for reliable advisors. The goal of the firm is to ensure all the customers get the best and reliable advice in various areas like mergers and acquisitions. It also helps the companies in doing valuations. The firm comprehends that different clients have different needs and that is why the experts always strive to give tailored advice. The organization has offices located in various parts of the world like Africa, Asia and North America.




Madison Street Capital have done great job in influencing development of middle level businesses. Some of the companies they have worked with are now multinationals. The kind of services they offer leave a company in a better position to compete with the rest.


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Sahm Speaks Adrangi about Fraudulent Companies.

Sahm Adrangi works at Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is the pioneer of the organization. He holds the position of Chief Investment Officer. The firm has been operating for the last nine years. Kerrisdale focuses on long-term investments. It is involved in extensive research on matters related to the stock markets. According to a study, a significant number of people have no idea of how they operate despite the many opportunities that it has. Sahm Adrangi is passionate about sectors such as biotechnology and technology. The establishment of the firm gave him a good opportunity to reach more people. Over the years, he has earned national recognition due to his work. He is an authority in the banking sector. One of his main accomplishments is exposing companies that were involved in fraud in their operations.

The exposure of the fraudulent firms led to legal action by the relevant authorities. Due to his vast experience in the corporate world, he has been invited to speak in various business-related forums. Some of the conferences that he has addressed include the Activist Investor Conference, the Distressed Debt Investing, and Sohn Conferences. Sahm Adrangi’s work has been featured on publications such as the New York Times. He has also worked at Longacre Fund Management. At his former firm, he was controlling more than $2 billion worth of debt. Years later, he left to start his own company.

Recently, an event was organized to discuss various issues in the finance sector. The attendees composed of prominent individuals with many years of experience in the industry. Whitney Tilson, an investor, was the host of the conference. Mr. Tilson is the pioneer of Kase Capital and has been actively involved in charitable activities. Sahm Adrangi was one of the guest speakers and was the first to address the crowd. He is viewed as a role model by many entrepreneurs in the finance sector for his transformative leadership. When he started Kerrisdale Capital, it was worth about $1 million. Years later, it is valued at over $150 million. He spoke about fraud cases that have been rampant in the economy.

How a College Dropout’s Idea Grew into a $3.6 Billion Business with GreenSky Credit

David Zalik’s company, GreenSky Credit, is now worth around $3.6 billion. This is impressive for a college dropout who co-founded and acts as the Chief Executive Officer around a decade ago. At only 43 years old, David Zalik is the still the majority owner of his company and is still working to see their success grow over the years. GreenSky Credit may not be a commonly known household name, but it is to home remodeling contractors who frequently suggest their services to their own clients who are looking for unsecured funding for large projects.

There may be a lot of companies that offer quickly approved loans for their customers, but GreenSky Credit is one of the top 3 in the entire United States and owe a lot of success to their interesting business model. GreenSky Credit doesn’t do much of the marketing for their services to end clients themselves. In fact, a lot of their work is done for them through medical facilities offering elective procedures as well as the contractors mentioned previously. In addition to their simplified marketing, they are also paid an average of about 6% by the companies who referred the loan to GreenSky Credit.

While the application process for a loan from David Zalik’s GreenSky Credit is a quick process that is usually initiated and completed through their mobile app, their target customer base are those with good credit scores who have been responsible with their credit payments in the past. This is one of the reasons why GreenSky doesn’t have to devote as many resources to collecting payments as other loan providers who tend to serve those with less than acceptable credit scores.

Their business structure gets even more interesting when one realizes that the actual funding for the loan doesn’t actually come from Zalik’s company itself. The loans themselves are completed through banking institutions such as Fifth Third, Sun Trust, and Regions along with 11 other deposit-rich partners. These partners pay GreenSky for their referral around 1% of the loan’s balance in exchange for their company’s efforts to generate business. This leaves GreenSky with the ability to own the transaction while being responsible for very little of the risk.

Engineer and Entrepreneur- FlavioMaluf

A data point was recently carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, and according to their report, the Brazil economy had grown by 0.4%. This was experienced in the first quarter of this year, and the increase was compared with the fourth quarter of the previous year 2017. The Statistic organization took the growth numbers mainly from the livestock and the agriculture industries. Nevertheless, when the two sectors are analyzed, it is clear that their performance at the beginning of 2018 was not that good and they experienced some difficulties. The topic on the growth of the Brazilian economy was emphasized by Flavio Maluf who is the Executive and the President of Impresario and Eucatex. Visit to learn more.

It was also reported that the Growth Domestic Product of both the livestock and the agriculture sectors were down from January to March by 2.6%. The decrease went until 1st June this is according to Folha de S. Paulo, and the decline was affected by a demonstration carried out by the truck drivers which began on 21 May. During the march, farmers in the Center-South also incurred some losses with some of them delaying harvest and production was also stopped for a period. Folha also reported how the production of maize and sugarcane were affected due to lack of circulation of the products.

FlavioMaluf is the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex. He is also a successful business person in the world. He was lucky to be born into a wealthy family with a political background. Mr. Flavio Maluf is not successful due to his wealthy background, but he has worked hard to reach where he is today. After his graduation from the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Maluf decided to venture into full-time business. He continues to advise people who want to venture into business to take caution.

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Nick Vertucci His New Book and Mindset

Nick Vertucci, a real estate investigator, released his first book. The book is about the seven-figure decision. The book is an account from his perspective. The story is about how he lost all his assets and the way he came to learn how to put the fears back. The instances also taught him how to change the life perspective. Through that, he has rebuilt his life again.

Nick Vertucci explains how he lost all he had in the computer technology. He decided to start real estate business and made many mistakes. He later entered the training where he found a teacher who taught him how to change the mindset. After that encounter, Nick Verticcui changed the tables upside down. All are recorded in his inspiring book.

Lioncrest publishers published this new book. It has 350 pages. It outlines the bottom- line steps, which pivoted Nick Verticcui’s turning point mindset that made him financially free.

Nick Vertucci’s Mindset

He talks much about this book primarily on the change of one’s mindset. The book is about a failure succeeding, failing again and then back to success. The mindset entails having the ability to see well. Besides, it outlines how you can achieve your objectives to be achieved and your destination and the outcomes.

Nick Vertucci further explains in his book that you should also believe that at one point, you will achieve your goals. Although you fail severally, believe that you will get what you need and work for it.

Another notable point is to develop strategies for achieving what you are aiming at. After all, these then do what you want to do. Do not relax for things to be done for you.

When you have all these tools, you will succeed no matter what may come. Nick Vertucci failed, but he is very successful.