Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the co-founders of Swiss Startup Factory. He started his entrepreneurial life in the year 2014 while at the age of 39 years. He began his career as a commercial apprentice. Baur later scaled up the ranks to become a senior of a leading banking and entrepreneurial services provider in Switzerland.


Mike Baur and other senior managers of Swiss Startup Factory helped to propel the company from being a locally operating firm into an internationally recognized company. Presently, Swiss Startup Factory is a recognized privately held firm that operates more than 2000 startup programs annually.


Recently, Mike Baur was listed among the best ten startup acceleration enablers in Switzerland. He was also featured in the Wall Street Journal where an article was written about his career. He is among the most successful entrepreneurs who are keen on improving innovation through promotion and support for the future businesses in the country.


Mike Baur is a family man who is married, and together with his spouse, they have two children. He boasts an MBA degree that he received from University of Rochester New York. Baur also has an Executive MBA that he attained at the University of Berne. Mike Baur has over twenty years’ experience in Switzerland Banking industry. He utilizes the expertise to help ambitious entrepreneurs to create and develop companies that offer excellent services and products to their clients.


Mike Baur is a businessman whose abilities, zeal and positivity have made him a resource in the banking and entrepreneurial industries. He believes in helping other people. Mike enjoys supporting innovation and technology. He is also a philanthropist who participates in various charitable projects and programs in the community. He is a real communist who believes in teamwork and support.


When Mike and his co-founders of the Swiss Startup Factory, he was serving the firm as Chairman. He has held that position to date. As the Chairman, Mike ensured that the company focused on its core function. He encourages all the employees to remain focused and promote teamwork.


Mike Baur was appointed to be the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest in January 2016 at the time when CTI Invest and Swiss Startup Factory sealed a partnership. At the beginning of 2016, Mike saw Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator project that it had launched with Goldback Group. He also helped the company in sealing its partnership with Fintech Fusion in the same year.


Ways to Handle the End of Quarter as Explained by NGP VAN

NGP VAN is a top-notch technology firm that facilitates liberal and democratic organized campaigns in municipalities, non-profits, and political parties. It provides a platform in which organizations can shape social and digital networking products, plan field visits, fund raise, meet all compliance requirements, and organize campaign tours. NGP VAN software is responsible for almost all major independent campaigns in the United States. One significant campaign under NGP VAN belt is the presidential campaign of former President Barrack Obama. It handled all matters involving compliance, voter contact, fundraising, and volunteers in all states in the US.

When the campaign year reaches the final lap, campaign teams go through the most hectic time especially when primary financial objectives have not been met. NGP VAN discusses the most effective ways strategists and campaign managers can handle such a period.

Organize in advance.

Design a separate calendar for the end of quarter. These help in keeping tab of sent and approved emails together with those that need to follow up. It is also of great benefit to strategists and managers dealing with more than one client. Designing a master calendar for the period might only take a few minutes to prepare, but it saves a lot of time when used.

Write and get all emails approved in advance.

Ensure that all emails that will be sent at the end of quarter period are written and approved in the first or second quarter. The process will take up a lot of time, but it will relieve a huge burden off the writer’s shoulder. When the emails are then required, the writer will just retrieve them, add a subject title, send, then report back.

Save some ideas to incorporate while sending emails during the period.

Sending emails on a daily basis can exhaust all unique ideas and thus it is essential to keep some in your back pocket. These ideas should be simple and easy to help in compiling emails. The email can have reasons why others have supported, an email from a donor talking about why they gave, and the number of people who have contributed.

Take some time off to celebrate.

Whenever the team hits a target, take some time off to celebrate the excellent work. Let the group organize a bonding activity to prepare for the end of quarter.


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Gregory Aziz: Man of Steel

From his very first career to his current career, it seems that every company Gregory Aziz touches turns to gold or maybe more appropriate – becomes as strong as steel. For certain people, they may credit their success to good luck. People like Chairman, CEO and President of National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz, are prime examples of when preparation meets opportunity.

Gregory J Aziz was born on April 30, 1949 in London, Ontario. He grew up and got his education at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. He majored in economics, which is apparent due to his success when it comes to turning companies around in a big and positive way.

The CEO’s journey follows him next to his job at his family company, Affiliated Foods, which was a wholesale food business that imported fresh foods from Europe and America. The company distributed to the United States and Eastern Canada. He worked at his family’s company until the 80’s, thus improving the company’s growth for the next 16 years.

The next riveting move of the CEO’s journey includes him working on investment banking opportunities in New York. This lead Greg Aziz to National Steel Car in 1994 where he implemented a plan to complete his goal of turning the company into North America’s leading steel car manufacturer. Within 5 years, from 1994 to 1999, the company expanded and grew almost 5x its size. The employment rate went from 600 to nearly 3,000 and the company’s manufacturing potential went from 3,500 cars produced per year to 12,000 cars produced per year and that was in the first 5 years the company was ran by Greg Aziz.  Visit This Page for more information.


Today, the company has been honored the TTX SECO highest quality award every year since 1996 as well as maintaining the status of being the only railroad freight manufacturing company certified ISO 9001:2008.


Not only does Gregory Aziz live with the benefits of the company but spreads his success by sponsoring charities such as The United Way, the Salvation Army and a number of other charities.


Gregory Aziz’s life is full of opportunity, but it would have been nearly nothing if he hadn’t been prepared giving inspiration to all those in need of hope, much like a modern-day Man of Steel.

National Steel Car: The Proven Success of Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz sometimes called James Aziz by close friends and family, started his life like any other child. He was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949, into the family that would eventually found Affiliated Foods. While this had no direct bearing on the young Aziz, it did show that he came from a lineage of determined businessmen. Much like Gregory Aziz’s later work, his family would show that they possessed a level of grit and hard work necessary to grow a small company into an international success. Affiliated Foods started out its life as a small, local grocery supply company. They wanted to do something to stand out and they saw a real need for the import of fresh produce. They became the first company to start importing produce from Europe, South America, and Central America. This put them on the map and gave Aziz a step forward in the business world. Visit This Page for additional information.


After graduating with a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario, Greg Aziz started working for Affiliated Foods. He spent over 16 years there as they became a famous international importer. He left Affiliated Foods to begin investment banking in New York City from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. This was also a good foundation for Greg Aziz because he started working on his own outside of the shelter of his family company.


When he purchased National Steel Car, a declining freight car manufacturing company, he was stepping outside of his comfort zone. Aziz knew from his years of experience in the business world that he could make it work, and he set out to change things. Within the first two years, National Steel Car was winning recognition for their outstanding quality and growing exponentially.


Aziz increased the workforce from 600 to 3,000 and the output for the company increased from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars annually. Today, National Steel Car is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of its type. The horizon looks bright for the company as Aziz continues to grow it, challenging industry standards and pushing the limits of innovation. While Aziz could have stayed at Affiliated Foods for the rest of his life, he had the guts to go out and make something of his own.


See: https://www.steelcar.com/