Dr. David Samadi’s Dreams

Dr. David Samadi was born and raised in Iran. At the age of 15, David Samadi, along with his brother Dan, and their younger sister Heidi, had been forced to leave the Iranian community because of the Iranian Revolution. After forced out of the Iranian community they moved to Belgium, then 6 months later they moved to North London. Throughout that whole time Samadi and his brother went to a private school, until finally they traveled to the United States were they ultimately received their high school education.

David Samadi invented The SMART technique.The SMART technique is (Samdai Modified Advanced Robotic Technique). The purpose of the SMART technique is to preserve sexual function after prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi TV is a informational show about what he specializes in, Prostate Cancer Treatment, Robotic Prostate Surgery, SMART Surgery Technique, Bladder Cancer Treatment, Urologic Cancer Treatment. Dr. David Samadi records episodes monthly.

Dr. David Samadi has 8 social media accounts which consists of: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You tube, Linked in, Share slide, Google plus, and Sound Cloud.

David Samadi’s Awards and Recognitions are, New York Magazine Best Doctor, Most compassionate Doctor, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer, Castle Connolly Top Doctors, Patients Choice Award , New York, Metro Area’s Top Doctors, America’s Top Doctors, Community Partner Award, Best Regional Hospitals, New York, NY Urology. As you can see David Samadi has received several Awards and Recognitions because of his work.

Dr. David Samadi said, Mitt Romney’s expectations for surviving prostate cancer look promising after successfully receiving treatment to remove the prostate after a diagnosis in 2017.

Dr. Samadi expressed that he wakes up around 4:30 AM and reaches his office by 6 o’ clock. For the rest of the day he’s up and on his feet. Dr.Samadi admitted he performs surgeries two to three times a week. Day’s he performs surgeries, he usually performs several surgeries. When the day ends,before Dr. Samadi leaves to go home, he makes sure to check up on his patients to make sure they are fine and comprehend what they are experiencing.

His Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/drdavidsamadi